Lucky you, to have stumbled upon the home of a group of marketing and sales support experts who believe that great marketing must be both creative and pragmatic. Our left and right brains have been at war for too long. It’s time for them work together.

Every outside-of-the-box idea we have is built on a foundation of business reality. If a piece is beautiful, but doesn’t work in the real world — forget it. Conversely, we aren’t afraid to use right-brain, artistic, abstract thinking in the service of serious business goals and marketing strategy. The pace of change in our world is accelerating. And putting your energy into maintaining the status quo has never been a good way to navigate change. To prosper, we must become business artists and poets of industry. We can bring those elements together in your marketing plan.

When service competencies overlap, clients get better value. Why? Because skills and experience in one area often provide creative application in others. Our consultants have some very deep, very well developed core abilities. But we also have the “curious edge” that truly inquisitive people tend to develop over time.

We look beyond the standard, well-worn paths into areas where unique opportunities wait.

Here’s the list of all we do.

  • Social media and blog development: get your voice(s) heard
  • Strategic marketing: the big picture stuff
  • Campaign design: multiple media planned for maximum reinforcement
  • Program design: goal focused, action oriented marketing
  • Marketing audits: reviews and recommendations
  • Public relations: getting you the earned media you deserve
  • Branding & corporate identity: effective differentiation
  • Advertising strategy & design: getting your message right, getting it out
  • Writing: everyone thinks they can write — we really can
  • Marketing materials: printed collateral, direct mail, bill inserts, merchandising
  • Internet strategy and web design: it’s a brave new world — and we have a map
  • Training: strategic marketing training, sales development, group dynamics, team building
  • Event planning: not picnics and parties; we’re talking seminars and presentations
  • Illustration & graphic design: making it all beautiful… just beautiful
  • Dramatic production services: putting on a show that gets the job done
  • Sales support & implementation: the final mile

For more information, contact Andy Havens at 614.395.4134 or